Services Offered


We have two highly trained Groomers on staff with over 30 years Grooming experience between them.

We strive to make every Grooming session as gentle and stress free as possible. Our Groomers are very mindful of each dogs stress level, and try to make the grooming experience as pleasurable as possible for each and every dog.

We do Grooming Tuesday through Saturday by appointment. Besides your standard grooming, we offer flea and tick baths, Defurminating baths, Massages, Paw Treatments, Facial whitening, Nail Trims, Dremel Nails, Teeth Brushing, Dematting, and also Anal glands. We have many specialty shampoo's, fragrances, and other Grooming products for sale.

Our prices are generally lower than most other Groomers, however each dog is different. Please give us a call and describe your dog and the services needed and we will be able to better quote you a price.

FFT (Face, Feet, & Tail) = Bath, Dry, Brush, Nails & EarsSmall - $31-$41
Medium - $43-$53
Large - $54-$69
Giant - $70-$100
Bath & Cut (Same as FFT with a haircut) Small - $43+
Medium - $55+
Large - $70+
Giant - $85+
Add On'sFurmantion - $5-$10 depending on size and coat
Specialty Shampoo - $5-$10 depending on type of shampoo
Matting/Ticks - $1 per minute
Brushing Teeth - $8
Nail Clip - $12
Dremmel Nails - $15
Glands - $5
Nails & Ears- $15
Teeth & Nails - $17
Teeth, Nails, & Ears - $20
Special Handling - $5-$15


We love taking care of your dogs while you are away. We cater to clients who want their dogs to have more one-on-one interaction and activity while they are staying with us, verses being cooped up in a kennel all day. We feature all indoor kennels, with six backyards to explore and get exercise in. Our staff love what we do! We love seeing happy dogs, and we are happy to take care of dogs with special needs.

Some of the differences between us and most other Lodging facilities are:    

  • We don't upcharge for play groups. If your dog like other dogs, he can have as much group play as he or she desires.
  • We send nightly text message update videos to our clients so that you can see that your dog is happy and relaxed.
  • We are staffed by highly trained professional who genuinely care about your and your dog's experience while in our care.
  • We charge by the night, not the day, thus saving our clients money if they can't pick up until later in the day. We charge $35 per night for Lodging.

We also sell Lodging packages that clients can purchase to save a little money.

Floor Run $35 per night (1st dog)
$20 for additional dogs in the same floor run.
$12 partial daycare charge if dropping off before 1:00 pm.
$12 partial daycare charge if picking up after 1:00 pm.
Lodging Packages - (Must be paid at check-in for discount packages)10 Day Package is 10% off the normal lodging rate
15 Day package is 15% off the normal lodging rate


We offer Doggie Daycare Tuesday through Friday for those who want their dogs to get socialization and exercise during the day. We divide play groups up by size and temperament when putting together play groups.

Our owner is a Certified Canine Behaviorist who eases new dogs into the play groups, and makes sure that they are having fun and not stressed out. Each new dog for play group will need to schedule a half day of play with our owner present so that he can evaluate the dogs temperament and work him or her into the groups appropriately. We take pride in our stellar safety record, and our clients appreciate the extra effort we put forth to make sure each and every dog is safe and happy.

Doggie Daycare rates are $25 per full day of play (5hrs or more), and half days of play for $15 per day. We also sell packages that clients can purchase to save a little money. Packages can be used however you like as far using half days or full days.

Full Day $25
Half day $15
Packages - (Must be paid in advance for discount packages)10 Day Package is 10% off the normal DayCare rate
15 Day package is 15% off the normal Daycare rate


Our owner, Greg Hobson, is a Certified Professional Trainer, as well as a Certified Canine Behaviorist. Greg takes pride in being able to listen to the client and being able to put together a plan that will both meet your training needs, as well as not costing you an arm and a leg. Greg does both Basic & Advanced Obedience Training, as well as Behavior Modification. Greg does not put a dog in pain, or use any kind of electronic stimulation in his training; he prefers to teach by building a relationship of trust. Every client is different, so Greg caters his training programs according to what the clients goals are, as well as what the dog is capable of. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to set up a call with Greg.

Some of the Training services we offer are :

In Home Consult $65 (within 20miles of the facility)
On-Site Training Session $45 per hour
Off-Site Training Session $65 per hour
Daycare/Training $35 for training session for dogs that are in Doggie Daycare that day
Group Classes $150 for 6 week session (Seasonal)
Board & Train $595 per week
1-on-1 Obedience Training
Onsite $45 per hour session
Offsite $65 per hour session
Dogs in Daycare $35 per hour session
1-on-1 Behavior Modification$75 per hour session
Board & Train$590 per week with free offsite session upon completion

Special Services

Canine Cab Service

$12 one way for pickup or drop off to and from our facility,

$20 roundtrip
(Within 12 miles of The Paw Spa)

$35 per hour for other Transportation services (vet appointments, pickups
and drop-offs over 12miles)

Off Grounds Leash Walk $20 per 30 minute walk
1-on-1 Playtime $20 per 30 minute session
Massage/Therapeutic Touch Session $20 per 30 minute session
Scheduled After Hours Pickup $25